Happy Birthday to Carl

My friend Carl and I share a birthday today. To celebrate our birthdays, I created a YouTube playlist for him. Here’s the whole playlist:

One by One

Here are the ten songs, one by one, with my comments to Carl:

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The New Say Play App Makes Streaming Music Simple

Say Play iPhone AppStreaming music just moved a step closer to World Domination.

Yes, Taylor Swift yanked all her songs off Spotify. But nobody, not even Taylor Swift, can stop the Streaming Music Revolution. As Mark Mulligan of the Music Industry Blog puts it:

Licensed streaming music will be ubiquitous five years from now, music sales will not.

A new iPhone app, out yesterday, just moved the needle a bit closer to “ubiquitous”.

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Music Ownership Is Over

Red Cadillac circa 1959

The era of owning music is ending. The Streaming Music Revolution is here. Easy access to music you love is now more valuable than ownership.

It goes beyond music. What’s really ending is the need to own things, all kinds of things, just for the sake of having them.

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The Man Who Turned Down the Beatles

A Cellarful of Noise

Dick Rowe blew it. Blew it big-time. Blew it worse than you and I ever blew anything.

Dick Rowe could have signed the Beatles to their first recording contract. The opportunity was served to him on a platter, or more precisely, a demo tape. He turned it down.

In early 1962, Dick met with Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ young manager. According to Brian’s account in his book, A Cellarful of Noise, Dick told him:

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